N.C. State Fair

Is it that time of the year again? N.C. State Fair is in town! Fun fact: the NC State Fair was featured in the Nicholas Sparks movie, The Last Song. Yes, the whole fair is like a little kid’s dream come true with fun rides, endless amounts of junk food, and a great time.

One of my favorite things is getting a funnel cake at fairs! Luckily, my Take It Back Cross Front Bodysuit came just in time for the state fair. Check out this photo below where I am working my new top with a skirt and a long cardigan for a chilly night in NC, and of course with my yummy funnel cake.


Personally, I do not love rides so I usually spend a lot of time holding people’s bags. I was able to take some cool and colorful snapshots of these rides:


The ferris wheel is a very simple ride, however, I love being able to be at a high altitude and enjoying the view of the world below.

fullsizeoutput_1afefullsizeoutput_1b01Have you guys been to the NC State Fair, or any fair before? Are you the type of person who goes for the food, like me, or for the rides?

I hope you guys check out the NC State Fair and Tobi for a cute outfit as well!




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