My BootayBag Experience

My first official collab happened! BootayBag had the honors of receiving my collab/ad virginity. Just recently, I became more serious with blogging so I am very encouraged by this collab. It happened when they emailed me through the email on my bio (it really helps).

Within a short 7 days time, I received my bootaybag. I requested a small, instead of an extra small because my bootay can’t really fit into tight panties. Unfortunately, I was sent the wrong size which caused the panties to be too tight and suffocate me slightly. Aside from that, I loved the design of the undies with the detailing of the lace. It was very sexy yet classy. Perfectly me.

I have attached some photos below so you can see my experience with taking the collab photos! I look forward to any future collabs that may happen through my commitment to blogging and youtube.

Within the next two weeks, you will see my first official Youtube video! Ahhh, I’m really nervous and excited to show you guys.

In the mean time, here are some photos:



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