Dear Future Study Abroad Students,

After listening to many middle-aged adults, I realized the most regretful thing during their undergrad is not studying abroad. I knew I had to take every opportunity available to me at UNC because there is no better time except RIGHT NOW. As a result, I applied to study abroad in London about two weeks before the application was due. It was a stressful time, and there were many deadlines and tasks thrown my way in the process.

To help fellow students who will be studying abroad in the future, I have listed a few tips for general study abroad students. Please keep in mind, I studied abroad in London for 16 weeks and traveled for 3 weeks after my program. It was a UNC program so yes, my grade counted.


  1. Travel as much as you can! Get out, see new places. If you’re on a tight budget: see a new museum, park, or market.
  2. Get a no-international-fees credit card or a Charles Schwab account!!!
    • Charles Schwab is a bank that has DEBIT cards with no international fees for withdrawals. You can order online or check for a location near you.
  3. Student ID Card – you will receive discounts in stores, train tickets, and various items.
  4. Recording memories – I recommend collecting post cards from each city, writing about your favorite memory, and recording the dates at the location.
  5. Use to search for a place to stay for cheap.
  6. Purchase a hiking bookbag if you plan to travel before or after your trip
  7. Use these websites to ship your extra luggage back to America:

Overall, YOU WILL BE OKAY, and it will be the best experience of your life. Be proactive but do not worry too much because you will figure it out. Have fun, travel to different countries, experience new cultures, talk to locals and you’ll enjoy every moment.

Safe Travels! 🙂 


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