I am speechless. Iceland’s beauty cannot be described into words, pictures, or videos. It has been my favorite trip so far in Europe. Brigitte and I hopped on the opportunity for a 225 dollar flight to Iceland for a weekend. We planned two tours for the northern lights and an all day tour, however, we were not able to see the northern lights. Too cloudy they said.

The day-tour included:

  • Hotel pick up at 10am
  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Gullfoss Waterfall (favorite)
  • Secret Lagoon Hot Spring

To book the all day tour, visit this site.


  • Book a round trip ticket with Flybus
  • Stay in a hostel near downtown, otherwise, it’s a 30 minute walk in the cold
  • Rent a car or book tours
  • BRING YOUR OWN FOOD (we packed rice, pasta, onions, peppers, cereal)

Many tourist think about Iceland and automatically think about the Blue Lagoon. Keep in mind, it is VERY hot in that particular lagoon and it is mad-made. Overall, I dont think anyone can go wrong with visiting Iceland in the winter or the summer. Okay, maybe not in January unless you really like the cold. Good thing is everything still functions in Iceland even when it’s snowing.

Also, Icelanders love trolls and elves – sheep and puffins too.



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