Greenwich, England

On a foggy, cold, and typical London day, the Honors London program took a ferry to Greenwich. It was a short 20 min ride by boat. Thus, we can check “Boat ride in London” off our bucket list. The first stop was the Royal Observatory where the prime meridian is located. This location presents the first geographical coordinated system in the world! However, my favorite part was the Insight Astronomy Photography display which is on the other side of the area. The photos combined two of my favorite things, photography and space! What a beautiful display.

After separating from the group, a few of us went to the Greenwich Market. London has given me a new admiration for local markets. There’s something amazing about walking around, seeing locals, and observing different items each plaza has to offer. Finally, we passed by the Queens house and National Maritime Museum. Although the buildings were beautiful, I would not say those are my type of museums.

Overall, my trip to Greenwich was lovely. My favorite part was seeing the different photographs of space and nature. The ferry ride is something I would partake in again. I’m hopeful for the many adventures to come!

  • This is a link to the winners of the astronomy photography competition: Additionally, below, you can find a few photos from my expedition!

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