Dear future child(ren),

1. I will drive you where ever you wish to go. If you need to be picked up and dropped off, I will do it. If you need to compete 3 hours away, we’ll take a road trip there. If you need to pick up your friends, they can count on me.

2. I will attend all your ceremonies and events.

3. You will have a celebration for your birthday every year. I can’t promise I’ll get you the most extravagant gift.

4. I will explain to you why I told you to do something.

5. When you call me in the middle of the night, I will be there in a heart beat. I’ll try to be more worried than upset. I want you to feel comfortable calling me when you need me. The worst thing is being afraid to call me when you’re in trouble because you’re afraid I’ll yell at you.

6. “I love you” will not be an awkward thing to say. Hugs and affection will not be a rare thing in our family.

7. Within 5 years, there will be at least one family trip.

8. You will know your grandparents well and great-grandparents if it’s in my power.

9. Yes, I understand you’ll like the opposite sex, or maybe even the same sex. I remember when I was 14 and wanted a boyfriend, however, I feel like I wouldn’t want you to have one so young. Can’t be hypocritical. I’ll try my best to have compassion when you bring someone home for your father and I to meet. Just know, I want the best for you.

10. When I take you to piano, soccer, or kung fu classes, it’s for your own good. I know you may hate it now, but you’ll love me for it when you’re older.


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