Another year older

My 20th birthday is quickly approaching. These past few years, I always felt like I am in my early twenties. Since I’m actually turning twenty now, it feels out of place. I’m no longer a teenager, I am a young adult, and ten years away from being 30. Twenty is a lovely age because I’m still young without too many responsibilities yet, adults will take me more seriously. Thus, I will continue to learn from my life lessons and strive to be wiser. 

This past year, I have met many people whom influenced my growth in college. After taking college leadership positions, I realized my leading style. Often times, I expect others to understand what I’m trying to communicate without acknowledging their circumstances and personal experiences. At a young age, I knew I talked way too fast and probably did not learn the English grammar well. Hence creating this blog is a challenge to gather my thoughts in a professional and correctly, grammatically written way. I will have my ups and downs, but I hope to achieve my goals in improving my grammar and writing skills. I accept I do not communicate well with people who do not know me. This can often be a problem because my words may be taken the wrong way. I’m grateful to say, I have made a handful of friends who took the time to understand “the lilly language.” 

As I get ready to move for college, I know I will continue to stay in touch with the friends I made this year. But in the unfortunate circumstance where I don’t, I recognize they influenced my early college life.


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