Starting and leading an Intervarsity at MDC

The journey ahead10527744_10152803655922028_1194804227982942053_n of me was not one that would be easily paved. Skepticism infiltrated my ambition because of the new environment I was suddenly submersed in. As a freshman at Miami Dade College, I had the passion to start an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Club. During the summer, I was faced with several problems: there was no advisor, dedicated members, or support from administration. Many potential leaders departed because it was a strenuous task to start something new at Miami Dade College. A few months later, a miracle occurred: because of schedule complications, another InterVarsity president transferred from a different campus.10600424_10152798805092028_2212256226407629050_n

Alas, after one year, InterVarsity was an official club on campus with the core mission to create a community of fellowship and mentorship among students. I am joyful to hold the position as founder and president at North campus. Through the pursuit of cross-cultural community, I was able to start a club on campus with continued perseverance, dedication and passion for racial injustice, globalization and identity. After our district conference about ethnic identity, I understood what it means to be an Asian in an American culture. Asian culture is restrictive and proud, yet my American culture is liberal and expressive. InterVarsity has given me the opportunity to understand who I am as an Asian American and how to prioritize my purpose through my education.


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